Of Gods And Warriors [DVD]

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Helle (Anna Demetriou) is the only child of King Asmund and Queen Alva and the one true heir to the Viking kingdom of Volsung. Yet she is unaware of her true lineage, for Helle was switched at birth with her cousin, her evil uncle Bard having convinced King Asmund that a female heir would weaken the kingdom.

As Helle grows into womanhood, the King realises his mistake. She is strong, brave and good, and the best choice to succeed Asmund on the throne. However, Bard has designs on the throne himself and has Asmund killed before the truth is revealed. On the run and framed for the murder of the King, Helle seeks guidance from the god Odin (Terence Stamp) to gain the training and wisdom she needs to take back Volsung and fulfil her destiny.