Unlimited Movies


No more late fees

Keep as long as you want

Rent as often as you want*

€8.99 a month 

*For €8.99 a month you can rent as many times as you like with no late fees! Simply return the movies to any Xtra-vision Xpress vending machine and rent again, easy as that! You can hold two movies at any time and rent as many times as you like. You can also cancel the service at any Xtra-vision Xpress machine. 

Follow these 2 steps next time you go to an Xtra-vision Xpress vending machine.

1. Tap on the Unlimited Movies €8.99 option on the main screen


 2. Read the instructions and then tap Start Your Unlimited Movies


Then start to rent as many movies as you like with no late fees. Just bring back your movies and select the next 2 movies.  


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